So your getting married -congratulations!

Your obviously at the finishing touches point as your looking for your hairdresser and potentially your makeup artist but what about the foundation for all those finishing touches? What about your skin?
Ideally you’d have a good skin care regime in place and be well on your way to that glowing dewey completion with or without your make up but if you haven’t, now is the time to really think about it
So how long before you get married;

12 months
If you have skin care issues such as Rosacea, Pigmentation or Acne start now Book a skin care consultation with a skin specialist to have a bespoke skin care regime implemented and discuss in clinic treatments such as microneedling, skin peels or light therapy to really achieve that skin we all desire.

6 months
Don’ worry there’s still time to see real improvements in your skin again get that skin care consultation booked! If you didn't know already any change in skin care will see an outbreak and initial deterioration in your skin as your usual skin Ph becomes unbalanced and cellular turn over is dramactically increased. This will start to settle 8-12 weeks into your new skin care regime and real improvement will start to show so don’t give up, it’s worth it in the end I promise.

3 months
So we are running a little short of time but we can still work on that skin – consider starting a course of progressive skin rejuvenation treatments 3-4 weekly in clinic, your skin care specialist should be able to advise which would be best. Ensure your using a daily SPF this is the cheapest and easiest w a y of seeing subtle skin improvements; UV is the most damaging thing we expose our skin too on a daily
basis even on the days when the sky is full of clouds and even raining. A good basic skin care regime should consist of;

AM- Cleanser, Serum, Moisturiser and daily SPF
PM- Cleanser, Retinol, Moisturiser and eye cream

Lots of other things you can add in obviously but these come at a cost and as skin care can range from as little as £2 to in excess of £200 you don't want costs to spiral out of control when your already spending the most you'll e Dr spend on a single day.

High street brands such as The Ordinary have allowed people to access and become more aware of products they may have previously avoided but be mindful the saying `you get what you pay for' really rings true when it comes to skin care – you want medical grade, evidence based, scientific proven results not a good advertising campaign, nice packaging or what ever is on offer this week

Good luck and have an amazing wedding you will look and feel a million dollars, it’s your day enjoy every minute.